Can I Have a Drink While on Paxlovid? The Answer May Surprise You

Let’s face it, a lot of us enjoy the occasional drink as a way to unwind and relax. But, if you’ve been prescribed Paxlovid, that familiar cocktail or glass of wine may need to be put on hold. Here’s why and how to manage this temporary change.

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Paxlovid: Your COVID-19 Combatant

Paxlovid is an antiviral pill that can make a huge difference for people at risk of severe COVID-19. It works by disrupting the virus’s ability to multiply inside your body. To work its best, you need to start taking it early on in your infection. But how does this relate to a glass of wine? Well, your liver gets a workout processing both Paxlovid and alcohol.

Your Liver: The Hardworking Hero

Think of your liver like a multitasking powerhouse! It cleans out toxins and handles medication processing. When you pair alcohol with Paxlovid, this vital organ gets overworked. This can mess things up in a few ways:

  • Drug Duel: Paxlovid might lose its power to fight the virus. That’s a problem you don’t want.
  • Nasty Side Effects: Your stomach might start a mutiny of nausea and dizziness, throwing your recovery off course.
  • The Unwanted Rebound: Some reports hint that mixing alcohol and Paxlovid could raise the chance of “Paxlovid rebound,” where those COVID-19 symptoms come back for an encore.

Docs Say “Just Don’t Do It”

The official verdict from those in the know? Alcohol and Paxlovid are a recipe for trouble. It’s a temporary sacrifice to ensure the medication you’re counting on delivers its maximum results. Think of it as hitting pause on happy hour for the sake of a speedier recovery.

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Handling the Alcohol Question

If you struggle with alcohol dependence, the “no drinks” rule during Paxlovid can be an added challenge. Here’s the thing – this might be a signal to get help and support for healthy, long-term changes. Talk to your doctor openly. If there’s also addiction recovery happening alongside your COVID-19 treatment, that’s totally okay! Here are a few resources:

  • National Helpline: Call the SAMHSA National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357)
  • Support Groups: Join support groups with others navigating similar challenges

Beyond Paxlovid: Alcohol & Your Immune System

Can You Drink On Paxlovid?


Even outside of Paxlovid treatment, excessive alcohol use weakens your immune system – that internal army meant to protect you! This can mean a tougher time fighting off viruses like COVID-19. When recovering from any illness, think of it as an opportunity to support your body with nourishing choices like:

  • Hydration Station: Water, broth, and electrolyte drinks are your best friends.
  • Comfort Foods: Think warm soups, smoothies, and gentle-on-the-stomach options.
  • Rest and Renewal: Your body is doing major work to heal; embrace those extra naps!

The “Why” Matters

This isn’t about guilt or harsh judgments; it’s about information and mindful choices. Understanding the “why” behind the Paxlovid no-alcohol rule helps make it a temporary pause. When it comes to medication and self-care, knowledge is truly power! Be sure to chat with your doctor – after all, they’re your partner in fighting illness and keeping you well.


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