Is Tonic Water Vegan?

Tonic water is one of those drinks that’s often assumed to be vegan, but you may be surprised to learn that it’s not always the case. While the base of tonic water is typically just carbonated water and sugar, many brands also add in quinine, which is derived from cinchona bark. And while there are some vegan-friendly brands of tonic water on the market, others use honey or other animal-based ingredients in their formulations.

So, if you’re wondering whether tonic water is vegan or not, it really depends on the brand.

Vegan Cucumber, Mint & Lime Tonic Water Review

Tonic water is a carbonated soft drink that is often flavored with quinine. It’s a common mixer for alcoholic drinks, but it can also be enjoyed on its own. But what about its vegan credentials?

The answer is yes, tonic water is vegan. The vast majority of brands use sugar or high-fructose corn syrup as their sweetener, and neither of these ingredients are derived from animals. Quinine, the bitter compound that gives tonic water its distinctive flavor, is also vegan.

So if you’re looking for a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage that is also suitable for vegans, then tonic water ticks all the boxes!

Is Schweppes Tonic Water Vegan

If you’re a vegan and like to drink tonic water, you may be wondering if Schweppes Tonic Water is vegan. The answer is yes! Schweppes Tonic Water is made with carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, quinine, and natural flavoring.

None of these ingredients are derived from animals, so you can rest assured that your tonic water is vegan-friendly.

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Is Tonic Water Vegan?


Why is Schweppes Tonic Not Vegan?

Tonic water was first created in the 18th century byJacob Schweppe. It was originally marketed as a medicinal drink, which is why it contains quinine. Fast forward to today, and Schweppes tonic water is still made with quinine, which is extracted from the bark of the cinchona tree.

The problem is that cinchona trees are not native to Switzerland (or anywhere else in Europe), so the quinine has to be imported. And unfortunately, the process of extracting quinine from cinchona bark involves using a number of chemicals, including sulfuric acid and bleach. This means that Schweppes tonic water is not vegan-friendly.

What Tonic is Vegan?

Tonic water is a carbonated soft drink which gets its bitter taste from quinine. Most commercial tonic waters also contain sweeteners, such as sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial sweeteners. While tonic water is usually considered non-alcoholic, some brands do contain alcohol.

So, what about veganism and tonic water? Is tonic water vegan? The answer is yes, most commercially-available tonic waters are suitable for vegans.

However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. For example, Fever Tree’s Indian Tonic Water contains honey and so is not suitable for vegans. Similarly, Fentimans’ Victorian Lemonade Tonic Water contains beeswax in its recipe.

If you’re unsure whether a particular brand of tonic water is vegan or not, your best bet is to check the ingredients list or contact the manufacturer directly.

Is Schweppes Tonic Water Vegetarian?

Yes, Schweppes tonic water is vegetarian. It is made with carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, natural flavoring, and quinine.

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Is Fever Tree Tonic Water Vegan?

Yes, Fever Tree tonic water is vegan. The company uses a variety of plant-based ingredients to make their product, including quinine from the cinchona tree and botanical extracts. There are no animal products in any of their products, making them suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


Tonic water is a popular mixer for cocktails, but many people don’t realize that it’s not vegan. Tonic water contains quinine, which is derived from cinchona bark. Quinine is a bitter compound that was once used to treat malaria.

Cinchona bark is harvested from trees in South America, and the process of extracting quinine is cruel and often deadly to the workers involved. So, if you’re looking for a vegan-friendly mixer for your next cocktail party, be sure to check the label on your tonic water. There are plenty of brands that make vegan-friendly versions using artificial quinine.

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