Does Pepsi Still Make Diet Cherry Pepsi?

Pepsi has been around for a long time and many people have grown up drinking it. Diet Pepsi was introduced in the early 1980s as a way to enjoy Pepsi without all of the calories. Over the years, there have been many different flavors of Diet Pepsi, but one of the most popular has always been Cherry Pepsi.

In recent years, however, it seems like Cherry Diet Pepsi has become harder and harder to find. Many stores only carry other flavors of Diet Pepsi, or they don’t carry any Diet Pepsi at all. So what happened to Cherry Diet Pepsi?

Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry vs Cherry Coke Zero!! Which is the BEST!?!?

It’s a question that’s been on many people’s minds lately – does Pepsi still make Diet Cherry Pepsi? The answer, unfortunately, is no. As of early 2018, Pepsi has discontinued production of Diet Cherry Pepsi in the United States.

However, there are still some ways to get your hands on this delicious beverage. One way is to check online retailers like, which sometimes have limited stock available for purchase. Another option is to look for international sellers who may still have stocks of Diet Cherry Pepsi available for sale.

Lastly, you can try contacting Pepsi directly and inquiring about the possibility of purchasing Diet Cherry Pepsi through them – although they may not have any left either. If you’re a fan of Diet Cherry Pepsi, we recommend stocking up while you still can!

Is Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi Discontinued

We’re sorry to break the news, but Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi has been discontinued. We know how much our fans loved this product and we’re sad to see it go too. However, we hope you’ll enjoy some of our other delicious products.

Thank you for your loyalty and continued support.

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Does Pepsi Still Make Diet Cherry Pepsi?


Did They Stop Making Diet Pepsi Cherry?

No, Diet Pepsi cherry has not been discontinued. It is still being produced and sold in stores across the United States.

Does Pepsi Make a Diet Cherry Pepsi?

Yes, Pepsi makes a Diet cherry Pepsi. The drink is made with aspartame, phenylalanine, and acesulfame potassium. It has no calories and no sugar.

Does Pepsi Still Make Cherry Pepsi?

Yes, Pepsi still makes cherry Pepsi. The drink was first introduced in the 1980s and has been a popular flavor ever since. While the recipe has changed slightly over the years, the basic flavor profile remains the same.

Cherry Pepsi is made with a blend of natural and artificial flavors, including cherry, vanilla and caramel.

When Did Diet Cherry Pepsi Come Out?

Diet cherry Pepsi was first introduced in the early 1990s. It quickly became a popular alternative to regular Pepsi for those looking for a lower calorie option. While the exact date of its release is unknown, it has been a staple in the Pepsi lineup for over 25 years.


Yes, Pepsi still makes Diet Cherry Pepsi. This popular soft drink is available in most stores and is a favorite among many dieters. The taste is slightly different from regular Pepsi, but it is still very good.

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