Does Twisted Tea Have Artificial Sweeteners?

Okay, I love a good Twisted Tea as much as the next person. That icy-cold, fruity sip on a hot day is just the best. But lately, something’s been on my mind – those sweeteners. Are they all sugar, or is there something else going on in there? That’s what I’m here to figure out. Because as a self-proclaimed beverage aficionado, I need to get to the bottom of what’s really in my drink.

twisted tea ingredients

Decoding the Ingredients

First things first: let’s talk about what’s even going on in a can of Twisted Tea. Those ingredient lists can be kind of a puzzle, but here’s the short version:

  • The Original: The classic Twisted Tea has both sugar and artificial sweeteners. It’s like they want that extra burst of sweetness.
  • Light and Slightly Sweet Options: These exist! If you’re watching your sugar, they have less of the natural stuff and some artificial sweeteners too.

But here’s the tricky bit – those “natural flavors” on the label? Turns out, sometimes that includes artificial sweeteners. Sneaky, right?

Sweetener Showdown: What’s the Difference?

So, we know artificial sweeteners are in some Twisted Teas, but what exactly does that mean, and do we need to care? Here’s a little sweetener 101:

  • Artificial Sweeteners: These are super-sweet with basically zero calories. Think things like sucralose (the stuff in those yellow packets!). They give a sweet kick without the sugar buzz.
  • Sugar: It’s the classic. That sweet, delicious, sometimes makes-you-crash-later natural stuff. Twisted Tea uses real sugar, particularly in the Original and Slightly Sweet varieties.
twisted tea

Sweetness Wars: The Great Taste Debate

Can artificial sweeteners ever really taste like sugar? I don’t know about you, but to me, there’s usually a tiny aftertaste with the fake stuff. Some people love it, and hey, if it helps with cutting down on sugar, that’s cool too. It’s seriously all about what you enjoy most.

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The Health Factor

Here’s where things get a tiny bit serious. While artificial sweeteners can help with lower calorie counts and blood sugar control (important for folks with diabetes!), there’s a lot of debate. Some research points to them maybe not being ideal for gut health long-term. Balance is key, as with all things tasty.

Sweetness: It’s Your Call

The beauty of Twisted Tea is they have options! My advice? Do a taste test! Original vs. Light vs. Slightly Sweet – let your taste buds decide.

Here’s a breakdown of those sweet, sweet deets:

FlavorType of Sweetener(s)Calories
OriginalSugar + Artificial~200
Twisted Tea LightNatural + Artificial~100
Slightly SweetReal Sugar (reduced)~150

Don’t Forget About the Flavors!

Flavors matter too! Peach, Raspberry, Mango – oh my! Keep in mind that sweetness levels can change with different flavors. It’s like a fun flavor adventure each time.

The Truth? It’s Up to You.

Love some sugary sweetness? Original Twisted Tea is the way to go. Watching your intake? Opt for the Light or Slightly Sweet versions. If you want to ditch artificial sweeteners altogether, try brewing some black tea and sweetening it yourself. There’s even a growing market for hard teas with all-natural sweeteners – check out resources like [Drizly] ( to find out what’s available.

At the end of the day, enjoy your Twisted Tea, whichever way you like it. Be informed, and be happy with your choices – that’s how we stay twisted 😉

Emily Jones
Emily Jones

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