Does Starbucks Have Smoothies?

Starbucks is a coffee chain that is known for its drinks, pastries, and sandwiches. Many people visit Starbucks for their morning coffee or afternoon pick-me-up. However, some people may not know that Starbucks also offers smoothies.

There are three different types of smoothies offered at Starbucks: Orange Mango Banana, Strawberry Bananaberry Limeade, and Peach Green Tea Lemonade. Each smoothie contains real fruit and juice, as well as yogurt or milk to make them creamy and delicious.

No, Starbucks does not have smoothies. However, they do have a wide variety of other drinks that are sure to satisfy your needs. From frappuccinos to iced coffees, there’s something for everyone at Starbucks.

So if you’re in the mood for a refreshing drink, be sure to check out their menu!


Can You Get a Smoothie at Starbucks?

Yes, you can get a smoothie at Starbucks. There are three kinds: Strawberry & Crème, Orange Mango Banana, and Triple Berry. They’re all made with real fruit and juice, so they’re a great way to get your daily dose of vitamins.

Plus, they’re only $3.95 for a grande (16 oz).

Are Starbucks Smoothies Real Fruit?

Yes, Starbucks smoothies are made with real fruit. The base of most Starbucks smoothies is a blend of strawberries, bananas, and pineapple juice. Additional fruits and flavors are added to create the different varieties of smoothies offered by Starbucks.

For example, the Mango Dragonfruit Refresher contains dragonfruit puree and mango syrup in addition to the strawberry-banana base.

Does Starbucks Have a Strawberry Banana Smoothie?

No, Starbucks does not have a strawberry banana smoothie. However, they do have a few other fruit-based smoothies on their menu, including a mango passionfruit drink and a pink grapefruit drink.

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Does Starbucks Have Protein Smoothies?

Yes, Starbucks has protein smoothies. Their protein smoothies come in three flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Each smoothie contains 20 grams of protein from whey powder.

Does Starbucks Have Smoothies?


Does Starbucks Have Smoothies 2022

As of July 2020, Starbucks does not have any plans to offer smoothies at their locations. However, they do sell a few bottled smoothies that are available in select markets. So, while you won’t be able to get a frappuccino-style blended drink from the coffee chain anytime soon, you can still find some delicious options if you know where to look.


Yes, Starbucks has smoothies! The coffee chain offers a variety of both fruity and chocolatey options, all made with real fruit and dairy. While the selection varies by location, some popular choices include the Strawberry & Crème Smoothie and the Mango Passionfruit Smoothie.

For something a little different, try the Chocolate Banana Smoothie or the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino Blended Crème.

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