What Drinks Can I Make With?

With so many different types of alcohol and mixers available, it can be hard to know what drinks you can make with what you have on hand. But with a little creativity, you can come up with some delicious drinks no matter what you have in your liquor cabinet. Here are some tips for making great drinks with whatever you have on hand.

If you have vodka, there are endless possibilities for cocktails. You can make a classic martini or dirty martini by simply mixing vodka with dry vermouth. Or, get a little fruity by muddling some berries into your drink.

Cranberry juice is also a great mixer for vodka – try adding a splash to give your drink a tart kick. For whiskey lovers, an Old Fashioned is always a good choice. Simply mix whiskey, bitters, sugar and water together and enjoy.

If you want to spice things up, try adding a few dashes of absinthe or using smoked whiskey instead of regular whiskey. No matter what spirits you have on hand, there are plenty of ways to make delicious drinks that will satisfy any craving. So get creative and see what happens!


If you’re anything like me, you love to have a nice cold drink on a hot day. But what do you do when you’re out of soda or juice? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other drinks you can make with common household ingredients.

Here are just a few ideas: -Lemonade: All you need is some lemons, sugar, and water. Just mix together to taste and enjoy!

-Tea: Tea is easy to make and there are endless flavor possibilities. Just brew some hot water and add your favorite tea bag. For something different, try adding fresh fruits or herbs for flavor.

-Coffee: If iced coffee is more your thing, just brew a pot of coffee as usual and let it cool before adding ice. Or, for something special, try making cold brew coffee by steeping grounds in room temperature water overnight. Then strain in the morning and add milk or cream if desired.


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What Drinks Can I Make With What I Have

Assuming you have some sort of alcohol, here are a few drinks you can make: 1) If you have vodka, rum, or gin, you can make a classic martini. All you need is 2-3 ounces of your chosen alcohol, some dry vermouth, and ice.

Simply combine the ingredients in a shaker filled with ice, shake well, and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with an olive or a lemon twist and enjoy! 2) If you have bourbon or whiskey, you can make an old fashioned.

This classic cocktail is made by muddling sugar with bitters, adding in your alcohol of choice, and topping it off with a splash of club soda. Serve over ice in a rocks glass and garnish with an orange slice or cherry. 3) A Moscow mule is another easy drink to make if you have vodka on hand.

Simply combine 2 ounces vodka, 6 ounces ginger beer (non-alcoholic), and the juice of half a lime in a copper mug filled with ice. Give it all a good stir and enjoy!

What Drinks Can I Make With?

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What Drinks Mix Well Together?

There are a few things to consider when mixing drinks together: -The flavors of the ingredients – you’ll want to make sure they complement each other well. -The strength of the drinks – you don’t want one drink to overpower the other.

-How the drinks will interact with each other – some combinations might not work well together because of how the ingredients mix. With that in mind, here are some suggested flavor combinations that mix well together: -Citrusy fruits like lemon or lime go well with vodka or gin.

-Peach pairs nicely with bourbon. -For a summery twist, try adding watermelon to tequila. These are just a few ideas to get you started – experiment and find your own favorite combinations!

What are the 10 Most Popular Mixed Drinks?

The 10 most popular mixed drinks are: 1. Margarita 2. Daiquiri

3. Pina Colada 4. Mojito 5. Long Island Iced Tea

6. Sex on the Beach 7. Cosmopolitan 8. White Russian

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9. Screwdriver

What are Good Things to Mix With Alcohol?

There are a variety of good things that can be mixed with alcohol. Some popular choices include mixers such as soda, juice, or tonic water. Other options include adding fruit, herbs, or spices to your drink.

If you’re looking for something a little different, you could also try mixing alcohol with coffee, tea, or chocolate. Whatever you choose to mix with your alcohol, be sure to enjoy it responsibly!

Is There an App That Tells You What Cocktails You Can Make?

Yes, there are several apps that can tell you what cocktails you can make. Some of these apps are designed to help bartenders create new drinks, while others are designed to help home drinkers find recipes for the ingredients they have on hand. One popular app for bartenders is Cocktail Flow.

This app has a database of over 3,000 cocktail recipes, and allows users to search for drinks by ingredient. It also includes tools for building custom cocktails and tracking inventory. Another popular option is Mixology Drink & Cocktail Recipes, which includes over 10,000 recipes and allows users to search by ingredient or type of drink.

For home drinkers looking for recipe ideas, there are also several good options. The Drinks&Cocktails Recipe Book app includes over 2,500 recipes organized by category, while the Cocktail Compass app helps users find recipes based on the ingredients they have on hand. Both of these apps include ratings and reviews from other users, so you can get an idea of how popular a particular recipe is before making it yourself.


There are a few drinks you can make with just about anything: water, tea, coffee, and alcohol. With water, you can make ice water, sparkling water, or flavored waters. Tea can be made into iced tea, hot tea, or herbal teas.

Coffee can be made into iced coffee, cold brew coffee, or espresso. Alcohol can be mixed into cocktails, punches, or simply drunk on its own. The sky is the limit when it comes to making drinks!

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