MM1500BL13 Omega Slow Juicer Review: Extract Maximum Nutrition with Ease

In today’s health-conscious world, finding the perfect juicer that extracts maximum nutrients while minimizing waste can be a game-changer. The Omega Slow Juicer MM1500BL13 is perfect for juicing enthusiasts who want to maintain optimal health and wellness.

This high-end juicer comes with a celery holder and various exceptional features to enhance your juicing routine. It’s a complete wellness tool that guarantees a top-quality juicing experience. In this review, we’ll explore the notable features, benefits, and versatility of this juicer.

MM1500BL13 Omega Slow Juicer

Maximize Juice Extraction and Reduce Waste:

The MM1500BL13 Omega Slow Juicer takes juicing to a whole new level by providing maximum juice extraction specifically for celery. By squeezing celery longer, this juicer ensures you get more juice and less waste.

It’s recommended to use fresh, cold, whole celery stalks to feed through the chute for optimal juicing results. With this innovation, you can enjoy every drop of nutrient-rich celery juice.

Adjustable End Caps for Versatility:

This juicer not only excels in celery juicing but also offers versatility for juicing other produce. The MM1500BL13 includes two end caps – a specialized celery end cap and a standard adjustable end cap.

The celery end cap is for extracting more juice from celery, and the standard end cap is for juicing different fruits and vegetables. This flexibility ensures you can enjoy a diverse range of juices tailored to your preferences.

Beyond Juicing:

A Complete Wellness System: The MM1500BL13 is not just a juicer; it’s a comprehensive wellness system. It empowers you to explore a variety of culinary possibilities.

With six included nozzles, you can create homemade baby food, creamy nut butter and milk, flavorful pasta, and refreshing sorbets. This juicer opens doors to a world of healthy and delicious options beyond traditional juicing.

Powerful Triple Stage Auger:

Thanks to its triple stage auger, the MM1500BL13 delivers exceptional juice yield from minimal amounts of fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. The powerful squeezing action ensures you extract every drop of juice, maximizing the nutrients, vitamins, and taste in your glass. From vibrant fruits to nutrient-dense greens, this juicer handles it all with efficiency.

Low-Speed Juicing for Enhanced Nutrition:

Operating at a low speed of 80-100 RPM, the MM1500BL13 minimizes heat build-up and oxidation during the juicing process. This gentle approach ensures that you get the most nutrients in every glass of juice.

By preserving the integrity of the ingredients, this juicer helps you unlock the full potential of your produce for a healthier lifestyle.

BPA-Free and User-Friendly Design:

Concerned about the safety of your juicing experience? Rest assured, the MM1500BL13 is BPA-free, providing peace of mind while you enjoy your freshly extracted juices. Additionally, this juicer boasts a user-friendly design with easy cleanup in mind.

Most removable parts are top-rack dishwasher safe, and a quick rinse in the sink is often sufficient. The included cleaning brush facilitates effortless maintenance, making the entire process hassle-free.

Specifications and Warranty:

The MM1500BL13 is a low-speed horizontal juicer, powered by a 200-watt motor. Weighing in at 14.3 pounds (6 kilograms), it’s a sturdy and reliable kitchen companion.

The juicer operates at 110V and comes with an impressive 15-year warranty, highlighting the manufacturer’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With dimensions of 6.11″ W × 18.9″ D × 12.6″ H, it offers a compact footprint, suitable for various kitchen setups.

What’s Included:

When you invest in the MM1500BL13 Omega Slow Juicer, you receive an all-inclusive package containing a range of crucial components. The contents of the box include:

  • 1 juice cone: The juice cone is a crucial part of the juicing mechanism, responsible for efficiently extracting juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables.
  • 1 pulp bowl: The pulp bowl collects the fibrous pulp that remains after the juicing process, making it easy to discard or repurpose as desired.
  • 1 juice bowl: The juice bowl is where the extracted juice is collected, allowing you to pour it out smoothly and conveniently.
  • 1 homogenizing cone: The homogenizing cone enables you to create nutritious and homemade baby food, giving you control over the ingredients and quality.
  • 1 strainer/sleeve: The strainer/sleeve helps ensure that your juice is free from any unwanted pulp or solids, resulting in a smooth and refreshing drink.
  • 1 cleaning brush: Maintaining the cleanliness of your juicer is essential, and the included cleaning brush assists in efficiently scrubbing away any residue or debris.
  • Adjustable endcap (for all other produce): The adjustable end cap is a versatile attachment that allows you to optimize juice extraction from a wide range of fruits and vegetables other than celery.
  • Adjustable celery endcap: The specialized celery end cap is specifically designed to enhance the juicing process for celery, extracting the maximum amount of juice from each stalk.

With these components, you have everything you need to start your juicing journey and explore the numerous possibilities offered by the MM1500BL13 Omega Slow Juicer.

Personal Experience:

The MM1500BL13 Omega Slow Juicer offers a remarkable juicing experience with its dedicated celery juicing feature, versatile wellness system capabilities, and low-speed operation.

As a health enthusiast, I was drawn to this juicer for its ability to extract maximum juice from celery, resulting in nutrient-rich and waste-free beverages. Its versatility extends beyond juicing, allowing me to create homemade baby food, nut butters, and pasta.

The low-speed juicing process preserves nutrients and flavors while the easy-to-clean design adds convenience. Overall, the MM1500BL13 has become an essential part of my daily routine, providing exceptional performance and elevating my juicing experience.


The Omega Slow Juicer MM1500BL13 is a great kitchen tool for those who care about their health. This juicer is great at getting the most juice out of fruits and vegetables while preserving their nutrients. It’s versatile and will be a valuable addition to any health-conscious individual’s kitchen.

Its dedication to providing top-quality juice from celery and other produce, along with its wellness system capabilities, sets it apart from traditional juicers. The low-speed operation, BPA-free construction, and user-friendly design make it a reliable and convenient choice. By investing in the MM1500BL13, you can elevate your juicing experience and unlock a world of wellness possibilities.

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