Is Expired Juice Bad?

When it comes to juice, the answer to whether or not expired juice is bad seems to be a bit of a gray area. While some people believe that drinking expired juice is perfectly fine, others believe that it can cause nausea and vomiting. So, what’s the verdict?

Is expired juice bad for you? There doesn’t seem to be any definitive answer when it comes to this topic. However, many experts say that drinking expired juice is probably fine.

The main reason for this is because juices are typically pasteurized before they are sold, which means that they have been heated in order to kill any harmful bacteria. Pasteurization helps to extend the shelf life of juices, so even if a juice has been sitting on a store shelf for awhile, it should still be safe to drink.

This is what happens when you drink expired orange juice

No, expired juice is not bad. It may not taste as fresh as it did when it was first made, but it is still safe to drink. The expiration date on juice is more of a quality than safety issue.

Unopened Juice Past Expiration Date

We’ve all been there. You’re in the grocery store, you see a delicious looking juice that’s on sale, and you buy it without thinking. But then you get home and realize that it’s expired!

Is it safe to drink? The answer is: maybe. It depends on the type of juice and how it was stored.

If the juice is unpasteurized, meaning it wasn’t heat treated to kill bacteria, then it’s more likely to spoil quickly and shouldn’t be consumed after the expiration date. However, if the juice is pasteurized, it should be safe to consume even after the expiration date as long as it was stored properly (in a cool, dark place).

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So next time you’re at the store, be sure to check those expiration dates before bringing your purchase home!

Is Expired Juice Bad?


What Happens If You Drink an Expired Juice?

If you drink an expired juice, you may experience digestive upset. The juice may contain bacteria that can cause vomiting or diarrhea. If you have a weakened immune system, you may be at risk for more serious illness.

How Long is Juice Good After Expiration Date?

Most people don’t realize that the expiration date on their juice is actually more of a guideline than a rule. While it’s true that juice will start to lose its nutritional value after the expiration date, it doesn’t mean that it will go bad immediately. In fact, juice can still be safe to drink long after the expiration date if it’s been stored properly.

So how long is juice good after its expiration date? It really depends on the type of juice and how it’s been stored. For example, citrus juices like orange and grapefruit can last up to a week after their expiration date if they’re refrigerated.

On the other hand, juicier fruits like berries tend to go bad quicker and only last a few days past their expiration date. It’s also important to note that unopened juices will last longer than opened ones. Once a bottle of juice is open, oxygen starts to degrade the quality of the liquid.

So an unopened bottle of apple juice that’s been sitting in your fridge for two weeks is probably still fine to drink, but an open bottle of grapefruit juice that’s been in your fridge for the same amount of time is likely starting to go bad.

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In general, you can expect most juices to be good for at least a week past their expiration date if they’re refrigerated and unopened. If you’ve opened them or they’ve been sitting out at room temperature, they’ll only be good for a few days before going bad.

When in doubt, give your juice a sniff test – if it smells off or has started to change color, it’s probably time to toss it out!


Expired juice is not bad for you. The nutrients in juice are not affected by expiration date. However, the flavor of expired juice may be off and it may not taste as good as fresh juice.

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