Difference Between Milk Shake And Smoothie: Which One to Choose?

A milkshake typically contains milk and ice cream while a smoothie is made with fruit and yogurt or milk. Milkshakes are more indulgent and high in calories, while smoothies are often considered a healthier option.

Milkshakes and smoothies are two popular drinks that are widely different from each other. A milkshake, which originated in the late 19th century, is a creamy and frothy drink typically made with milk and ice cream, sweetened with sugar or flavored syrups.

On the other hand, a smoothie is a blended drink primarily made with fruits, vegetables, and yogurt or milk. It is often considered a healthy option and can also be fortified with protein powders or other supplements. While milkshakes are high in calories and fats, smoothies are a better option for those watching their weight or sugar intake. In this article, we will explore the differences between milkshakes and smoothies in more detail.

Difference Between Milk Shake And Smoothie: Which One to Choose?

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Milk Shakes

Milkshakes have been a beloved beverage for decades. These creamy, cold, and filling drinks are perfect for those hot summer days, as a midday snack, or even as a dessert. But what exactly makes a milkshake so special? Let’s dive into the definition of a milkshake and explore the various ingredients and nutritional value of this popular drink.

Definition Of A Milkshake

A milkshake is a sweet and creamy beverage typically made by blending together milk, ice cream, and various sweet flavorings. It is a quintessential american drink that is typically served in a tall glass with a straw. The beverage’s texture is usually creamy and thick because of the blending process and the high-fat content of the ice cream.

Ingredients Typically Used In A Milkshake

Milkshakes are usually made with just four ingredients: milk, ice cream, sweeteners, and flavorings. Below are some of the most common ingredients used in a milkshake:

  • Milk: The base of a milkshake is usually whole milk, but you can use any type of milk based on your preference.
  • Ice cream: The most important ingredient, as it adds creaminess, thickness, and sweetness to the milkshake, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream, are some of the most popular flavors.
  • Sweeteners: Sugar, honey, maple syrup, or berry syrups add sweetness to the milkshake.
  • Flavorings: Fruits, nuts, candies, or cookies are commonly added as flavorings to the milkshake.

Common Variations Of Milkshakes

Over the years, people have invented countless variations of the traditional milkshake. Here are some popular variations:

  • Chocolate milkshake: Made with chocolate ice cream, milk, and chocolate syrup.
  • Vanilla milkshake: Made with vanilla ice cream, milk, and vanilla extract.
  • Strawberry milkshake: Made with strawberries, strawberry ice cream, milk, and strawberry syrup.
  • Oreo milkshake: Made with oreo cookies, vanilla ice cream, and milk.
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Nutritional Value Of A Milkshake Compared To A Smoothie

While milkshakes can be undeniably delicious, they are often high in calories, sugars, and fats. Compared to a smoothie, which is made with fruits and vegetables, milkshakes are not as nutritionally beneficial. A milkshake generally contains:

  • Calories: 500-1000 calories per serving
  • Fat: 20-40 grams of fat per serving
  • Sugar: 50-100 grams of sugar per serving

On the other hand, a smoothie usually contains:

  • Calories: 150-500 calories per serving
  • Fat: 0-10 grams of fat per serving
  • Sugar: 15-30 grams of sugar per serving

Ways To Make A Milkshake Healthier

Despite their high calorie and sugar content, there are ways to make a milkshake healthier. Here are some tips to make your milkshake a little less indulgent:

  • Use low-fat or non-fat milk instead of whole milk.
  • Opt for a smaller serving size.
  • Substitute ice cream with frozen yogurt or greek yogurt.
  • Use fruit to sweeten your milkshake instead of sugar.
  • Add protein powder or chia seeds to boost the nutritional value.

Milkshakes are a popular and tasty drink that can be enjoyed in many variations. While they may not be the healthiest beverage, there are ways to tweak them to make them a little better for you. So go ahead, indulge in a delicious milkshake every once in a while.


Definition Of A Smoothie

A smoothie is a blended and creamy beverage that uses fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, and other healthy ingredients. It is a perfect way to get a quick and healthy meal on the go. A smoothie should be thick, creamy and easy to sip with a straw.

It is a perfect substitute for milkshakes.

Ingredients Typically Used In A Smoothie

A smoothie can be created from a variety of ingredients according to your taste preferences. Some common ingredients include:

  • Fruits: Berries, bananas, apples, pineapples, and mangoes
  • Vegetables: Kale, spinach, carrots, cucumber, and celery
  • Dairy: Yogurt, milk, and cheese
  • Sweeteners: Honey, maple syrup, and agave
  • Superfoods: Chia seeds, acai berries, flax seeds, matcha, and protein powders

Common Variations Of Smoothies

Some common variations of smoothies include:

  • Green smoothies, which contain more vegetables than fruits.
  • Protein smoothies, which have added protein powder or nut butter.
  • Detox smoothies, which have ingredients to help eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Peanut butter smoothies, which include peanut butter and banana to create a creamy and decadent flavor.
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Nutritional Value Of A Smoothie Compared To A Milkshake

Compared to milkshakes, smoothies are a healthier alternative. They contain fewer calories, sugar, and fat, while providing a significant amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. A smoothie is rich in fiber, which aids in digestion, and they also promote a feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

Reasons Why People Choose Smoothies Over Milkshakes

People prefer smoothies over milkshakes for several reasons:

  • Health benefits: Smoothies are a healthier option since they contain fresh fruit, vegetables, and other nutritious ingredients.
  • Weight loss: Smoothies can help with weight loss since they are low in calories but high in fiber and protein.
  • Convenience: Smoothies are convenient, easy to prepare and you can take them on the go.
  • Better digestion: The nutrients in smoothies are readily absorbed and promote healthy digestion.

Ways To Make A Smoothie Less Healthy

While smoothies are generally very healthy, there are ways to make them less healthy. Some of these ways include:

  • Adding sorbet or ice cream to your smoothie.
  • Using sweetened fruit juices instead of milk or yogurt.
  • Using large portions of high-calorie ingredients like peanut butter or chocolate syrup.
  • Adding high-calorie toppings like whipped cream or candy.

Smoothies offer numerous benefits, and it’s easy to make them a regular part of your diet. They are a delicious way to get the fruits and vegetables you need, and they can be customized to your preferred taste and preferences.

So, the next time you’re at a smoothie or milkshake stand, consider going for a smoothie for a healthier option.


Both milkshakes and smoothies are delicious and refreshing drinks that can be a part of your daily routine. They are both easily customizable and can be made with healthy ingredients. However, there are some key differences between them. Milkshakes are typically made with ice cream and flavored syrup, while smoothies consist of more fruits and vegetables.

Smoothies are generally considered healthier due to their high nutritional value, while milkshakes are more of a sweet treat. It’s important to keep in mind that both drinks can be high in sugar and calories if not made with the right ingredients.

Whether you prefer a milkshake or a smoothie, just make sure to enjoy them in moderation as part of a balanced diet. By understanding the difference between these two drinks, you can make the best choice for your taste buds and your health!

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