Can I Drink Orange Juice After Tooth Extraction?

After having a tooth extracted, it is important to take care of your mouth. This includes not drinking orange juice or any other acidic beverages for at least 24 hours. The acid in orange juice can irritate the extraction site and delay healing.

If you must drink something acidic, make sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water afterwards.

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water
  • Drink orange juice slowly, in small sips
  • Avoid drinking through a straw for at least 24 hours after your tooth extraction
  • Don’t drink orange juice that is too cold or too hot
  • Finish drinking your orange juice within 30 minutes after starting to avoid having it sit in contact with your teeth and gums for too long

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What Juices Can I Drink After Tooth Extraction?

After you have a tooth extracted, it is important to take care of your mouth. This includes brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth with salt water. You should also avoid hard and crunchy foods as well as hot drinks.

It is best to stick to soft foods and cold drinks for at least 24 hours. After that, you can slowly start to add other foods and drinks back into your diet. Some people may experience some bleeding after their tooth extraction.

If this happens, it is important to avoid drinking any juices or other beverages that contain red food coloring. These can cause staining on your teeth and make the bleeding worse. Instead, drink clear liquids or juices such as apple juice or white grape juice.

You can also drink milk or eat ice cream which will help to soothe your mouth and keep the bleeding under control.

Is Citrus Okay After Tooth Extraction?

Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C, which is essential for maintaining gum health. However, after a tooth extraction, the gums are especially vulnerable to infection. Therefore, it is best to avoid citrus fruits until the gums have healed completely.

Is It Ok to Drink Orange Juice After Wisdom Teeth Surgery?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to drink orange juice after wisdom teeth surgery! In fact, many people find that orange juice can help to soothe and heal the surgical area. Just be sure to avoid any straws or vigorous swishing, as this could irritate the healing tissue.

How Long After a Tooth Extraction Can I Drink Soda?

Most people can return to drinking soda 24 hours after having a tooth extracted. However, it’s best to wait at least 48 hours before consuming carbonated beverages. This gives your extraction site time to heal and prevents you from accidentally dislodging the blood clot that forms in the socket.

If you do drink soda before your extraction site has healed, be sure to use a straw so that the sugary beverage doesn’t come into contact with your teeth.

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Can I Drink Orange Juice After Tooth Extraction?


What Can I Drink After Tooth Extraction

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering what to drink after a tooth extraction. Water is always a good choice, as it will help to keep you hydrated and flush out your system. Avoid hot beverages and alcohol as these can cause further irritation.

Stick to cool or room temperature drinks for the first 24 hours post-extraction. You may also want to avoid carbonated beverages and sugary drinks, as they can promote bacterial growth and lead to further complications.

When Can I Drink Juice After Tooth Extraction

After you have a tooth extracted, it is important to wait until your mouth has healed before drinking juice. This can take anywhere from a few days to a week. If you drink juice too soon after having a tooth pulled, the acidity in the juice can irritate the socket and delay healing.

So, it is best to wait until your mouth is fully healed before indulging in any juicy beverages!

Can I Drink Juice After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are a common source of dental problems. They are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth and often do so at an awkward angle. This can cause them to become impacted, or stuck, in the jawbone and gums.

When this happens, they may need to be extracted. After having wisdom teeth removed, it is important to take care of your mouth. This includes not drinking anything through a straw for at least 24 hours.

It is also important to avoid hot drinks and alcohol for at least 48 hours after the procedure. You should also brush your teeth gently and eat soft foods for a few days while your mouth heals. So, can you drink juice after wisdom tooth extraction?

Yes, you can drink juice after having your wisdom teeth removed but it is important to wait at least 24 hours before doing so.

Can I Drink Apple Juice After Tooth Extraction

We all know that apples are good for our health, but did you know that apple juice can also be beneficial for your teeth? That’s right – drinking apple juice after a tooth extraction can help to keep your teeth healthy and strong! Here’s how it works: the malic acid in apple juice helps to remove bacteria from your teeth, which can prevent cavities and other dental problems.Plus, the sugars in apple juice can help to promote saliva production, which is important for keeping your mouth clean and healthy.

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So next time you have a tooth pulled, be sure to reach for some delicious apple juice! Your teeth will thank you.

Can I Drink Mango Juice After Tooth Extraction

If you’re wondering whether you can drink mango juice after having a tooth extracted, the short answer is yes! However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it’s important to wait until the numbness from the extraction has worn off before consuming anything cold.

Otherwise, you may experience some discomfort. Secondly, be sure to swish the mango juice around your mouth before swallowing to avoid irritating your extraction site. And lastly, avoid drinking mango juice (or any other sugary beverage) too close to bedtime as this can increase your risk of developing cavities.

Can I Drink Powerade After Tooth Extraction

Yes, you can drink Powerade after tooth extraction! In fact, it’s actually recommended by dentists. Powerade helps to keep you hydrated and provides electrolytes that are essential for healing.

It’s important to stay hydrated after surgery, so drink plenty of fluids including Powerade.

Can I Drink Pomegranate Juice After Tooth Extraction

Most people can drink pomegranate juice after having a tooth pulled with no problem. However, if you have diabetes or are taking blood thinners, you should check with your dentist or doctor first. Pomegranate juice is acidic and can irritate the gums and slow down healing.

It’s best to wait at least a week before drinking it.

Can I Drink Cranberry Juice After Tooth Extraction

It’s common to experience some bleeding after a tooth extraction. To help reduce the bleeding, your dentist may recommend that you bite on a gauze pad for 30-45 minutes. They may also prescribe a medicated mouthrinse to use during this time.

Cranberry juice has long been thought to be beneficial for oral health. It’s often recommended as a way to help prevent or treat gum disease. Cranberry juice is also thought to promote healing and reduce inflammation.

So, can you drink cranberry juice after a tooth extraction? There’s no definitive answer, but it’s generally considered safe. Cranberry juice may help reduce bleeding and promote healing.

However, it’s important to avoid drinking cranberry juice if your dentist has prescribed a medicated mouthrinse. The rinse contains an antiseptic that could interact with the natural compounds in cranberry juice and decrease its effectiveness.


Yes, you can drink orange juice after tooth extraction! The acidity in orange juice will help to cleanse the wound and promote healing. Just be sure to dilute the orange juice with water so that it does not irritate the wound.

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